Wednesday, September 4, 2013

"The Family Flavor" is available for purchase!

Today is the day! My book is available on Amazon! 

I had been told by my project manager Bill that it would take 5-7 days for Amazon's system to post our book. So after we approved the proof, we just had to wait. I wasn't expecting anything until this Friday or next Monday, but I thought I would do a search on Amazon for "The Family Flavor". So I did and there she was. My baby. My book. My heart started to pound. I emailed Bill and asked if this was for real. I texted Sheena and told her to search her name on Amazon. She freaked out too. Bill replied and sure enough, this was it! We were LIVE on Amazon! 

Today has been so weird. I am happy and excited. And anxious and sick to my stomach. It makes me so nervous to have my book out. What if it sucks? What if people hate it? But who cares, right? I love it and that is all that matters, right? Right! 

So go head over to Amazon and get your copy today. Click HERE for the link!


  1. It will be amazing!! Now if Amazon will hurry and ship my copy I would be a very happy girl. :)

  2. That's awesome, Whitney. Congrats. I will be getting my copy in the coming months.

  3. I have been waiting for this! My copy arrives Tuesday.

  4. still waiting for mine to come. it's killing me.


  5. Made the chocolate cake for an important b-day on FR and cheesy chicken Rice for dinner tonight. Both winners, thank you.