Friday, December 13, 2013

A few vital things

A few vital things:

Haagen Daz peppermint bark ice cream is NO JOKE. My pal Nat showed me the light and yowza, it's serious. Go get a pint.

Everyone that tries to write a blog post about motherhood that is profound in any way, whether it is about how you aren't doing enough or you are doing to much or you aren't being a nice enough mom or you are letting it all go by too quickly or you are cleaning your house too much or you are a slob and need to clean more or you should have breastfed or you should have had your baby in your bathtub because if you didn't, the epidural you had didn't let you bond and that kid isn't going to college and will instead be a crack addict.... QUIT ALREADY!

I got my carpets cleaned today. That means I also embark on an approximately 4 week long stint of yelling at my family to take off their shoes and quit eating on or near the carpet or quit looking at it or your stare will stain it. Also, tonight, I perused for a few suitable rugs.

Van is a stuffed animal smuggler. I have to check his backpack for contraband everyday before he walks into preschool. He brings a bunch and plays with them at school and thinks it's funny when he sneaks them under his seat. Who just cares about stuffed animals? Aren't they the bastard of toys? No one actually plays with them, right? Well, I guess one kid does and it's Van.

Proof that my life is mostly dull: Last night while watching "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon", Jimmy announced that he will he hosting SNL with Justin Timberlake next week and I screamed. Like threw my head back and shreiked. I got way too excited and I even embarrassed myself. Self, get a grip. And a life.

Violet is on a kick where she calls me "My Queen". "My queen, will you please get me a drink? My queen, I pooped in the potty. My queen, I want another Go-Gurt." I don't think that will ever get old.

Tomorrow morning is our church Christmas party and my potluck offering is baked baguette French toast with pecans and maple glaze. I sort of made it up as I went a long. How bad can it be, right? If I get it right, I will write up the recipe and share. Maybe you can make it for Christmas bfast? And while you have something as decadent as that french toast, think of my kids. They are each getting a pack of little cereal sampler boxes for Christmas so don't have to make a big breakfast and I can go back to bed.


  1. We just got back from Christmas shopping (with a last minute trip to Walmart on the way home at 11:30 pm) and as soon as we walked in I said to Ethan, "Crap! I forgot to look for more hagan daaz!" it is so good.

    good luck with the breakfast, we are skipping ours. work schmork.

  2. YES on the mom posts!
    Now I need to try the ice cream.
    I have stuffed animal hoarders, too. I'm fairly certain they're the only kids left on the planet who still play with beanie babies on a daily basis.
    We only have two carpets in our house and this is exactly why. I don't want to spend the money on something I love only to yell at everyone all of the time to keep their filth away from it!