Saturday, December 28, 2013

Late night ramblings.

It's midnight and I have a cry headache. I took Jack on a little date and we went and saw "Saving Mr. Banks". And golly, what an emotional movie. I knew I would cry, but geez. Talk about rip your freaking heart out. After our date, we made a quick run to the grocery store for some Sunday provisions. Turkey cold cuts because Ethan CANNOT have a Sunday afternoon without a turkey sandwich. Also we got some russet potatoes and butter for mashed potatoes. Mashed potatoes must always use russets. They make for light, fluffy mashed potatoes, ready to absorb butter and cream and turn into magic. Sunday dinner will be Steak and Cake. Steak and Cake is a tradition we have with the Verbecky family. Every monthish, we get together with them and have a jolly dinner of some type of succulent meat and some type of luscious dessert. We have been doing Steak and Cake for a few years now. Everyone should have a friend family to do Steak and Cake with.

Christmas was lovely. Remote control cars, Calico Critters, new shoes, flashlights, Reeses peanut butter bells and Legos. We did Christmas a little funky this year. My husband was booked last minute to cater Christmas Eve dinner for a family in Southern California that can't bear the thought of hiring another caterer even though we live in Utah. It's sort of ridiculous because they have mountains of money to hire any personal chef in SoCal, but they keep manipulating us with money. And guess what, I like money more than I like having my husband home on Christmas Eve. So he flew home on Christmas afternoon. We picked him up and then opened gifts. I actually liked it better. It wasn't a mad rush in the morning. The kids woke me up at 5:30am, they opened stockings and then I went back to bed until 9:30. We leisurely had breakfast and got dressed and cleaned up the house and then got Daddy and then opened gifts. It made the day last longer. I wish we could make our kids do that every year.

Christmas evening was spent at my parent's house. It was so great to open gifts with my family. My parents gave us a different but cool gift. They had us all open an IRA account and then for the next year, my parents will match our monthly contribution. All to encourage us to establish a retirement fund. All of that has always seemed to overwhelming, but after my dad's Powerpoint presentation (yes, he really did that), it didn't seem like a horribly hard or expensive thing to do. So thanks parents! Here's hoping our retirement is spent in Boca on a golf course!

Did I ever tell you that my husband totaled his truck at the beginning of December? Slipped on the ice on the freeway, spun a few times, rolled the truck and scared the crap out of himself. That was a fun phone call to get. He didn't get hurt, walked away with a small cut on his arm. We have been a one-car family for a few weeks now as the insurance stuff has settled and now we get to start shopping for a new truck. I have tried really hard to not complain about all this because I hate hearing people complain about first world problems like having to get a new car because our insurance paid us money. It's like the people that complain about having to deal with the contractors for their new house. Or the people that complain about their flight being delayed on their way to Hawaii. Oh shut up already. How blessed you are. You should hear yourself.


  1. Great parents! We bought Nate some Sprint stock last year, cause we just couldn't think of what else to get him, and we wanted him to learn about money :) We'll see you in Boca :)

  2. And here I was thinking that I couldn't love your parents more.