Thursday, January 30, 2014

At the moment

At the moment:

Violet is having some "Vi Time". She is sat down with the iPad, watching a movie and not allowed to get off my bed. She gets all mad around 4pm if she hasn't napped and she becomes a tornado of screaming, destruction and emotions. So many emotions. She is now sitting under my comfy duvet, sucking her left thumb and watching "Curious George". 

Jack is complaining that Violet has the iPad. Funny that you should complain Jack, it's not like I would let you have it anyways. You haven't done your reading and your room is messy. 

My bedroom is covered in papers. I decided to make myself a little computer desk in my bedroom in an open corner. I bought a cheap printer, a potted plant and I set up the card table. Boom. Desk. I also brought up the filing drawers and went through them today. I found so many treasures. Jack's letters to Santa Claus, Ethan's golf card from the first time he broke 80, the real estate listing flyer from our old house in Rancho Cucamonga and loads of letters and cards I have filed away for the past 10 years. Mallory, you used to write me so many little notes. All of them drawn pretty. I also found the stash of recipes I used to cut out of magazines. There is a GIANT pile. I was going to toss them, but I didn't. I often forget how much inspiration I can gather from other people's recipes. I too often get caught up in my own ideas. And that isn't productive. So tonight, I will put on a movie on the computer, pour myself a glass of some Le Croix cranberry raspberry sparkling water and go through those recipes. 

My car is enjoying some time at home. Lately, Little Red has spent a lot of time at the doctor. Her radiator called it quits a few weeks ago and then she blew a hose and leaked coolant all over. She should be so embarrassed. All is well now, but Ethan and I keep worrying that we are now hitting the phase of "everything is falling apart" with Little Red. She hit 200,000 miles a few months ago, so things might get dodgy- and expensive, from here on out. Buy a new car you say? No way. 

I have a boneless lamb leg roast thawing in the fridge, waiting to be used for dinner tomorrow. I have been so dang excited about that piece of meat. I bought it at Costco a few weeks ago and I finally have a plan for it. Make a thick paste of olive oil, almonds, rosemary, lemon and garlic and then rub it all over the roast. Let it do it's thing in the oven and then serve it with some saffron rice. It should be magical. 

I have "11x14 inch frame" on my Target list. My creative genius sister in-law Emily sent me a portrait she painted of our family. I opened it and got all teary. Such a thoughtful gesture. I now need to think of the perfect place to put it. Van said, "Oh Mom, put it in your room so that you can be old and remember your family!"