Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Quiet, Dance, Recipes

Isn't quiet the best? Tonight, I whipped this house into shape. It was no joke. Toys, food, vacuum, sweep, laundry, dishes, the works. And it all got done. And then the children went to bed. And then I made a cup of camomile tea (remember my New Year resolution? It's going well.) and then I planted myself on the couch. Gosh dang it, it is the best. And then they wake up again tomorrow morning and ruin all my hard work.

I could track my life by my visits to the Legacy Center, our local community center. Today I made thrice trips there. First one, spin class with Susan, who is no joke when it comes to "CRANK UP THE TENSION!!! MORE! MORE!!! THAT'S NOT ENOUGH! FLATTEN YOUR BACK!". Next was Violet's first dance class that she was ELATED about. I put on her tights and leotard this morning and she ran around screaming "I AM GOING TO DANCE TODAY! I AM A DANCER!!!" Adorbs. My last trip, Jack's first basketball game, which he excelled at. Something about our pal Jack, he goes into any sport with his game face. He might not be the best kid on the court, but he is the hardest working one. This trait of his makes me so proud. He doesn't take anything lightly.

Here is a great blog post by my Sheena full of juicing recipes and some good info. Juice all the things! Click HERE.

Today I got together with my 9 month pregnant sister Caitlyn and we pumped out 17 freezer slow-cooker meals for her to fill her freezer with. Caitlyn came armed with all the recipes and ingredients, all I did was chop chop chop. It was a crazy afternoon, but she went home with loads of piece of mind. After I posted about it all on IG, I had lots of people ask for the recipes. I will see if I can get Caitlyn to put them all onto a Pinterest board and I can later post a link.

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