Thursday, February 20, 2014

At the moment:

At the moment:

Just came home from the gym and made myself the tastiest snack. You should try it. One HB egg, chopped up. Half an avocado, chopped up. Put them together and squirt on a good amount of Sriracha. Stir it up and enjoy. Honest-to-goodness delicious. Avocado makes everything delicious.

I am in the midst of doing two-a-days at the gym until I can't take it anymore. So far I haven't lost steam. It's been good. I just don't take a shower anymore and I wear gym clothes all day, WHICH I HATE DOING. But it's all for a good cause. The cause of me losing the 20 pounds I gained over the last year. It pains me to admit that. But I need to be honest with myself. So there. Honesty!

Speaking of mom embarked on a cool new project. Real Life Mormon Women. It is a collection of statements from LDS women, talking about struggle, doubts, faith and victories. The honest stuff. None of the fluffy, shiny facade that is so prevalent around the LDS culture. Let's get real, let's get honest. We have so much we can learn from one another. Anyways, go check it out. I am so excited about it. If you love it, go ahead and submit your own answers and picture. No names are posted and you can forgo a pic if you want. CLICK HERE.

Jack is at school. He took with him a gift for his teacher. This week is Teacher Appreciation Week and he is feeling the spirit of that. Last night, he asked if we could go to Target and get a few things for his teach. "I know she likes popcorn and chocolate. And I know what pens she likes." Such a sweet boy. So to Target we went and got some kettle corn, Godiva caramel truffles, felt tip pens and some cute binder clips. He picked out a thank you card, a gift bag with her favorite colors on it and we were set. And then on the way home, he asked if we could also buy her flowers. But I said we probably had enough. Once again, such a sweet boy.

A giant box of toilet paper is sitting by the front door. It was delivered this morning by the UPS man who probably finds me pathetic that I ordered TP from Amazon. But there are some good TP deals on Amazon! Plus, then I don't have to haul a big package of TP around Costco with me and with a neon sign above me saying, "WE GOT LOTS OF BUMS TO WIPE AT OUR HOUSE!"

Van just brought me a car he made out of blocks. He also has all his Hot Wheel cars out and his Blutrack. And there are Legos all over his room. The boy plays so hard. Nothing fickle about it. When he plays, he plays big and makes big messes and doesn't give a thought to cleaning it up. And then with 7:00ish hits and he has to clean up, it's always a big issue and there are tears and yelling and so on. But I like this about him. I like that he is all in. Big messes, big imagination.

I have a list I am working on for assignments for the brunch after my nephew Walt's baby blessing. Have I told you about Walt? Walt is my sister Caitlyn's baby boy. He is a little over a month old and sweet as they come. The brunch will be yogurt and granola parfaits, fruit skewers, muffins, juice and chocolate milk. Sounds lovely, doesn't it?

Violet is wearing her Snow White dress. She has three princessy dresses she wears over her clothes. Almost everyday she has one on. I don't even notice it anymore. More often than not, I put her in jammies, put her to bed and then when I go in to check on her before I go to bed, she has fallen asleep in a dress she put on after I put her to bed.


  1. Hey man, the subscribe and save option on toilet paper is the way to go if you have a fam! #toiletpapervalidation

  2. Ever since I saw your mom's website, I have been wanting to ask you: Having lived in California, and then moving back to Utah, do you find that there's a difference in the way that the Utah Mormon culture approaches and values honest discussions about our faith/doubts compared to the rest of the country/world? I know that I have noticed that even from living in a highly Mormon populated area like Mesa. Just wondering if it's just me that sees that for except for some small areas where there are a lot of Mormons, there really isn't such close-mindedness about discussing different opinions and maybe expressing doubts and concerns (i.e. the only people I know of that participated in the "wear pants to church" thing lived in Utah, except one person who was part of the initial "movement"). I'm not saying the ultra-conservative, one-way kind of thinking doesn't happen in other places, but I do feel like the majority of people who feel frustrated by that type live in Utah, certain parts of Idaho/Arizona. What do you think?

  3. I'm subscribing for TP today. Genius.

    Also, I'm curious for you to answer Elizabeth's question she posted. I've never lived in Utah, but I feel terrified of stepping foot there. Is it really as crazy as they say? San Diego has the coolest, chillest, most loving and accepting Mormons I ever did meet.

    Funny story. This one time we were traveling through Utah on a Sunday and stopped for gas and food at a gas station. This lady in line behind me turns to me and starts explaining why she needed to break the sabbath and blah blah blah. I was shocked. Full blown WTF. I mean, was she judging me for being there on Sunday and I've never had someone just assume I'm LDS before. That was weird.

    One last thing, I'm starting 2 a days too. Go us. I gained a good 20 this year too. Damnit. I blame our mad coming skills.

  4. No wonder my son Connor always wants to play at your house, without ever actually setting foot inside your house. He can sense all the hot wheels and legos that reside in that joint. The endless possibilities...