Saturday, March 15, 2014

Corned Beef, Pretty and Ferrari

It's a perfect Saturday morning. I am in bed, wearing my favorite pajamas and my grey knit robe that I would wear like a cardigan if it was acceptable. I just ate two bowls of expired cereal (hope I don't die) and the kids are watching "George of the Jungle 2". I just rinsed the two briskets I was brining for corned beef and they are in slow cookers in the kitchen. In about an hour, I will make beds, gather swim gear and we will go swimming at our local indoor pool for a few hours. Then I will pick up my cute blue and white striped JCrew dress from the dry cleaners. I bought the dress when Jack was a baby and it is still in great shape. That's the thing about JCrew, their clothes are timeless and last forever. Once the dress is picked up, we will head home and I will put Violet down for a much-needed nap. And then I will make dinner. Chicken tamale pie and cumin cilantro rice. By then, the corned beef will be done and my friends Lucy and Andrew will stop by and pick theirs up. And then Ethan should be home from the softball tournament in St. George. Then his laundry will need to be washed ASAP because it will be stinky and covered in a fine layer of orange St. George dirt. The evening will end with us catching up on "New Girl" and I will have a cup of orange blossom tea. The tea helps me not crave large amounts of treats. I usually crave large amounts of treats at night.

This morning, as the kids were finishing their bowls of cereal, Van said, "Last one to finish is a rotten egg!" Violet, looking shocked, said, "Don't say that to me! I am beautiful and I am pretty!" And she is right.

You should give Jack a gift so that he will write you a thank you note. Ethan's brother Jarrett (affectionately named Pooh. Jarrett=Jar Bear=Pooh Bear=Pooh) gave Jack $20 on his birthday. Jack's thank you note says "Dear Uncle Pooh, thank you for the $20. Now I can buy anything, just not an expensive car like a Ferrari. Love, your friend Jack." Jack always writes the best thank you notes.

Anyone else use the Target Cartwheel app? I am addicted. I am doing all I can to earn myself that $50 savings badge. And keep in mind how stupid that is because the badge doesn't get me anything. It gets me a thumbs up from Target saying, "Thanks for spending money with us!" One time, between the Cartwheel app and my Target debit card, I saved $14. Fourteen bucks! What a thrill! Someone get me a life. But preferably at Target and use the Cartwheel app so you save money.

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