Thursday, March 6, 2014

Root beer, corned beef, inept

Today we had a little tagalong. Sam, my 3 year old sweet-as-sugar nephew. His baby brother Walt had his first surgery to begin repairs on his cleft lip and palate. Sam marveled at how big Uncle Ethan's truck is, requested that his pants not be buttoned up all day, was very polite and asked for "chicken nuggets, fries and root beer". And all of this with a lisp and difficulty saying his R's.

Remember how Ethan is an assistant coach for a high school softball team? Today was the first game. Currently Ethan is on his way home on the bus. Apparently the girls lost pretty bad. I am sure I will get the full details when he gets home. With Ethan coaching that means he goes to practices everyday. And he takes Jack sometimes. When Jack goes, he gets to work with the baseball coach who was a major league pitcher. Jack throws left and is learning to pitch and doing pretty well for an 8 year old. Little League fires up in April and that means we will spend lots of time under our shade umbrella, watching Jack. I cannot wait! (truly, I am so excited.) Also, I am stoked that baseball is a sport that gets cancelled when it rains. None of the football-in-the-mud bull crap. It's sprinkling? Oh crap, get in the car and go home. I like it.

Last night, we got our corned beef brine started. You make a brine with loads of salt, spices and sugar and then dunk a brisket in it and let it sit for 10 days. I have been wanting to make my own corned beef for ages and finally, I did. After seeing a recipe in Bon Appetit for corned beef hash, I knew that I had to get it done this year. I have visions of corned beef hash and a poached egg. It's going to be magical.

Recently, I was talking with a friend about paying attention to how you feel after you eat something. For example, how do you feel after you eat a salad? Probably pretty great. What about fried chicken? Probably pretty rotten. I know that after I eat ice cream, I feel pretty rotten. But I realized that after I eat a cupcake, I feel fantastic.

My friend Katie posted this screen shot of a conversation she had with some inept she met on an online dating website. As usual, so happy that I am not longer in the dating world and that my 11th anniversary is tomorrow.

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  1. I feel pretty good after I eat ice cream. It is soothing to the soul. :-)