Saturday, March 22, 2014

Softball, Ribs and Froyo

Yesterday we went to Ethan's team's softball game (remember, he is an assistant coach to a high school softball team). A freaking good softball game. Summit Academy (us) against North Summit. We got there in the 3rd inning and the score was 13-4, us losing. But it ended in extra innings with Summit Academy winning 16-15. It was unreal. To all you people who say baseball/softball is boring, you are dead wrong. It was so intense! Ethan is loving this coaching gig. Having the girls really understand concepts to improve their game is so satisfying for him. And every girl on the team loves Violet.

Today was my dear old dad's birthday. We went to Bam Bam's BBQ in Orem and cleaned them out of ribs. It was a typical evening with my family. Passing baby Walt around, talking about the details of my sister Megan's upcoming wedding, little cousins getting mad at each other and everyone picking food off of each other's plates. I also brought along a dozen and a half Cupcake Chic cupcakes, which is never a bad thing. Side note about Megan's wedding: Violet was asked to be the flower girl. I know, every little girl's dream. Yes, Vi is THRILLED. Wedding is in May.

In the morning, we sent Ethan off to Rio Tinto Stadium to work. He is back over there this soccer season, cheffing it up. Once he was gone, we got our house chores done and got our house spic and span and then headed to a park in Alpine. I actually did my hair for the first time in 2 weeks and when we got to the park, someone was burning yard waste and it made my hair smell like smoke and now I am mad. Thanks a lot.

The other night, I went and got froyo with some ward gals and I got home at 1:30am. As I was driving home, I felt so incredibly grateful for a husband that doesn't get weird or hound me about being out with friends. I know so many women who have needy, whiny husbands. They have to be home at a certain time or they can't go anywhere at all because their husband "needs" them. Barf. Ethan would happily wave me off on a week long vacation with my friends without batting an eye. He is the best. Ethan, you hear that, you are the best. Let's be friends forever.

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