Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Kidney infection, Snow Cones and Peanut Butter Cups

I am sick, thus I am forced to blog. I am in bed with a kidney infection. What the crap is that all about? One day I am great, footloose and fancy free. And the next day I am hobbling around like I have a bad back. I go to the doc this afternoon and he gets all mad at me for not coming in sooner. So a shot on my ample buns, a lengthy round of antibiotics and a good scolding about "you are such a beautiful woman, why would you put yourself in infection's danger?" So here I sit in bed, with some cute hot pink nail polish I bought when I got my prescription and my cranberry juice. I am supposed to drink cranberry juice, right? I think I am. I also have my laptop. Duh. What show should I watch on Netflix or Hulu?

What has been the latest in my life besides my left kidney causing a ruckus? Well, it's summer and we are enjoying it. I tell you what, it's sure nice to not have a toddler anymore. Violet is 4 and she is potty trained (I use that term very loosely) and she doesn't require naps. So we are unencumbered by the demands of a needy midget. And because of that, it's off to the pool! Off to the museum! Off to the lake! Off to get snow cones! It's quite nice. Sometimes, I get a warm and fuzzy inside thinking about how my job is to entertain these little people of mine. My job is to provide them experiences, exercise, excitement. While it is exhausting (another "ex" word), it's a blessing! I love packing my three into the back seat of my little red car. Yes, friends of us when we were just married, we still have Little Red. We bring a lunch and some sunscreen and set off to do whatever we please. Mom life is the good life. I wish more people knew that.

Other things on my mind lately:
Remember to get more Pull-Ups for Vi at night
Dealing with our front lawn. Lots of crab grass=us ripping up the whole thing and reseeding. Fun.
Trader Joe's peanut butter cups
Jack's baseball tournament schedule. Currently ranked 3rd!
Flourless chocolate cake with raspberry sauce
Summertime school work for my kids. Desperate for Jack to read more, so I pay him $3 every time he finishes a book.
My friend Jodi who is getting a divorce.
My other friend Ann who's two children have had major surgeries in the same week.
This quote: "Motherhood is the art of the being there."
Tiling the backsplash in my kitchen
Van's birthday on Thursday. SIX!
Van's friend party I need to plan. Something along the lines of water balloons, Otter Pops and pizza.
Taking my kids to the Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry. We/I have become slightly obsessed with the whole mystery behind it.

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  1. Love this post! I had the same thoughts today: watching my kids playing and later, lounging, and thinking, "This is what is they'll remember about their childhood." It was a good thought.

    Angee :)