Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Ellen, DNA, Hanitizer

I am just not sure how I feel about Seth Meyers on Late Night. I mean, I like the guy, but why couldn't he just do Weekend Update on SNL forever? Once NBC gets over him being on Late Night, I vote Ellen DeGeneres. I think she would do a bang up job.

If you saw on the Facebook, Jack told me that the military has a robot that can find IUDs. Bless his heart. I was quick to correct him. IEDs pal. I wasn't really up to explaining IUDs. I would, believe me, I would. I love talking to Jack about the hard-hitting sex/body talks. Like the other day, we had a completely casual breakfast table conversation about how sperms and eggs get together with their individual DNA's to make a baby. It started with him claiming that two white people can make a black baby. Untrue.

Van has changed his future career from Coast Guard to scientist. Specifically a scientist that deals heavily in blood and bones. He is currently fixated about bones and bodies. And I know why. When we moved, it took Van approximately 20 minutes to find an old cat grave in our backyard. He dug it all up and has a crap load of cat bones that we have tried to throw away a bunch of times but he always finds them and gets them out of the trash. IT IS REVOLTING. Just a heads up, if your kid comes over to play at my house, Van will coerce them to the backyard so he can show them his cat bone collection. Your kid will have their hands all over a cat jaw, tibia and pelvis, just so you know. Pull out the hanitizer.

If you come by our house and see our lawn, don't judge. We are dealing with growing new grass and it looks like a**. Ha! I am funny. It's a shame the grass looks like crap because my potted flowers are FANTASTIC this year.

Just finished "Moloka'i". Such a fantastic book. Read it, dummy.

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