Sunday, July 20, 2014

Umpire, Chai, Teeth

Today was church. Always a good day. I taught my primary babies about the importance of saying thank you and showing gratitude, something kids these days are losing touch with. It was pretty sweet to hear the things they are most thankful to Heavenly Father for is their families. And then my sweet autistic buddy said he was thankful for himself. After church, we watched "Castaway Cowboy" to commemorate the death of the total hottie, James Garner.

Things I am obsessed with right now:
   *Finding cool bumper stickers to put on my garage fridge. I got a "Keep Tahoe Blue" one because we went to Lake Tahoe a few weeks ago and I became one of those people who care about it because it's so freaking beautiful.
   *Chai tea with vanilla creamer. It's my new nightcap. Thanks Lela!
   *"Call the Midwife". Good gravy, I can't get enough.

Baseball officially ended. We have been going full steam since April. Jack's team placed 3rd in the city league tournament so we moved onto the state tournament. It was a blast. I loved it so much, especially when me and my pal Shalise got a call reversed because we pulled the rule book up on my phone and proved the umpire wrong. Baseball moms will kill you.

Anyone got a dollar bill? I need one to put in the tooth fairy jar for Van because he lost one of his front teeth. He hasn't even started kindergarten and he has lost three teeth. When my mom told me he lost his tooth, my first thought was how cute his kindergarten pics will be with a missing front tooth. SCHOOL STARTS IN ONE MONTH. Yeah, I think we have established on this blog that I am pro kids-in-school. This summer has been great and all, but I am already ready for some type of schedule and structure.

Guys, one of my kids left a red sharpie in their pocket and it leaked and got all over the kid laundry. Violet's underwear is covered in red splotches. It's like she is 4 years old and started her period. Weirds me out.

One last thing, I went to the temple by myself the other night and I just have to tell you how great it was to be in the house of the Lord. To be in the most peaceful place on earth and feel like I am in the right place so strongly. If you want to feel clarity and peace, head to the temple. Even just sitting outside can be effective.

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