Monday, July 21, 2014

Waterpark, Soapy, Blueberry Swirl

Today I went to Seven Peaks Waterpark. Let me reiterate the "I" part. As in I didn't take my kids. I went with two of my sisters, my sister's step kids and her husband. Guys, this is the way to do a waterpark. Leave the kids at home. We had the greatest time. No whining kids, just us falling off tubes and swearing heavily as we go down really scary slides. I don't think I will ever take my kids there. Maybe when they are teenagers and we can just have fun. I am completely serious. It was the absolute funnest.

Today I also had to send my two boys across the street with a bucket of soapy water and wash rags. They thought it would be a good idea to throw the little plums that fall off my neighbors tree at their white fence. Not a good idea afterall. Who knew?! So they got to scrub it clean. Van thought he was going to get paid. Hilarious.

My neighbor brought over two gallons of 2% milk that expire today because she is going to Hawaii and has no use for them. So I bought lots of eggs and heavy cream and I am making ice cream. Lots of ice cream. I think I will make a big master base and then add flavoring from there. Probably some blueberry swirl, milk chocolate/peanut butter and vanilla bean/cinnamon. I should rummage around my pantry and fridge and come up with a few more ideas. Maybe combine all the jars of nearly-empty jam and make some kind of fruity one. That would be dandy.

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  1. I made your blog! (Even if I sound a little crazy). Sweet. Bucket list.