Monday, September 22, 2014

At the moment

At the moment:

Jack continues to kill it with spelling. The kid can spell like a total champ. He does the challenge word list and gets 100% without even trying. Ethan says he gets it from him, I say it's from me. I can spel reel guhd.

Van and Violet are tending to their grasshopper family. Guys, I can't handle it. Grasshoppers and all insects of the like are gross. Yet my two kids think they have family units and feelings.

I am debating offering free lessons on how to do the carpool lane at school because it is a TRAIN WRECK OVER THERE. I now have Jack walk to the church parking lot nearby to pick him up because I can't do it anymore. Guys, don't get out of your car to get your kid. That ruins the whole idea of a carpool lane. If you are having to put their seat belt on for them, it's time to have a seat belt summit at home and teach them. You say, "Oh, I have to get out of my car because the line is slow." Well genius, it's slow because you are all getting out of your cars. CAN YOU SEE I AM HAVING ISSUES?

It's nearly time for major league baseball playoffs and Ethan's is more hyped up than a meth addict. Viva los Dodgers! But really, I do want them to win because the last time they won, Ethan was 7 years old and he still remembers how great it was.

In the same vein as baseball, my boys are on a big baseball card high right now. It's an obsession. Jack organizes his by team, Van organizes by similar facial expressions. It sounds mean, but I am so glad my boys do baseball cards instead of Pokemon cards because I just don't get Pokemon.

I am working on a script for work about Adolf Hitler. The message that came with the script said, "Try and not make him sound like too much of a monster." Oh sure, make Hitler look normal. I will do my best.

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