Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A few things

I am known to not be very good at watching TV. People say, "Oooh, what shows are you watching right now? I need a new show." And I'm all, "Um, 'You've Got Mail' for the 398457934857 time while I fold laundry?" But guess what guys, I am watching "The Voice" like a seasoned tv-watching pro. I know they care, but I approve of the judges this season. I mean, Gwen. Come on. How many of you have bought the "Tragic Kingdom" album after seeing Gwen on "The Voice"? Because we did.

Tonight I had a conversation with my friend who is a high school teacher. She talked about a kid who got caught smoking while on campus and I asked her opinion, as an educator, how do you avoid having your kids smoke weed. She said a few things:
1. Inform them about drugs. Talk about them. Talk about the effects. Talk about reactions. Talk about addiction. Educate yourself so you can educate your kids.
2. Know their friends. Be aware of who they are with and get to know the kids they are around.
3. Don't think your kid will never get involved with drugs or alcohol. Don't be the parent that says, "My kid would never do that." Because teenagers can be dumb, be honest with yourself.

A side story along those lines: I have a friend who's daughter was up to no good with her boyfriend. My friend found out what her daughter was doing and she went to the boyfriend's parents to let them know what their son had been doing. The parents said, "I don't believe you. Our son goes to seminary." And guess what, 2 years later, their son was a baby daddy and in jail for heroin possession.

Tomorrow my clefty nephew Walt has surgery on his soft pallet. Send up a prayer, will ya? I will have Walt's big brother Sam tomorrow during surgery and Sam has asked for three things: nuggies, root beer and fries. DONE! Anything for you, Sammy. 

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