Tuesday, November 4, 2014

7:30, Kindergarten, Hoarding

1. Rhea Pearlman as Danny Castellano's mom on "The Mindy Project" is just the best.

2. Since Daylight Savings ended (or started. Which one is it?), I have had my kids in bed and house clean by 7:30. I told Ethan this was my new plan. Make bedtime an hour earlier because our growing babies need more sleep. It has been MAGIC. And the kids haven't fought me on it. They have gone to sleep because SURPRISE, they are tired.

3. Van started Jr. Jazz basketball and here we see where his age and height give him an advantage. He is an older kindergartener. He went into K being an old man at 6 years old and already having lost 4 teeth. He is the tallest in his class and the oldest. So in basketball, he shines. It has been good for him to have confidence in this.
      a. I have had many people ask me about how I held Van back a year from kindergarten and if it was good for him. Absolutely. Best choice by far. Since he is a June birthday, we could have gone either way. But I am finding that it isn't so much that he is smarter having had two years of preschool as much as it is that he is more mature. He doesn't fight me on homework and is even eager to do it. He doesn't get in trouble at school because he is mature enough to know when to quit. And he doesn't give up on things that are hard. It's a drastic contrast from his brother's kindergarten year. Oh Jack in kindergarten. Worst year for all of us. 

4. It's November. Which means I get giddy to get Christmas shopping done by December 1st. The lists have been made and I already found an Elsa and Anna for like $16 on Amazon a few weeks ago. Bahzam! Early Christmas shopping is socially-acceptable hoarding. That and food storage and emergency preparedness. Speaking of emergency preparedness, I am working on a post about that. I have learned so much in the last few months and I am feeling great about an earthquake or grand flood happening. Wait, first I need to get that big water filter I have had my eye on.

5. I took the two littles with me to vote today. And maybe I got all weird and weepy when I told them why we are lucky we get to vote and who George Washington and Susan B. Anthony are. With my job, I write short video scripts about anything from Hurricane Katrina to alligators to President Kennedy. I have written A LOT about the Revolutionary War and all that built up to it. And I am often in awe of what people went through to give us the rights and privileges we have.

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