Monday, December 15, 2014

Meekly Weal Plan

It's been a while since I wrote out my meal plan, but I have had a few friends talk about being in a rut with cooking. So maybe my ideas can help give them some of their own. I type this as I sit in bed and watch "Love Actually". It's Christmas man, I am doing what I should be doing. The house is quiet and clean. Ethan is finishing up a catering event for Ikea's Christmas party and I have a pint of peppermint bark ice cream waiting for him in the freezer for when he gets home and unwinds in front of the TV.

MONDAY: Sweet soy chicken and rice and roasted broccoli. The chicken is in my cookbook. I am not sure what page and I am too lazy to go downstairs and check.

TUESDAY: Turkey chili and cheddar cornbread. The chili will be a new recipe I have been wanting to work on. If it's a winner, I will post it here.

WEDNESDAY: Turkey burgers and roasted sweet potato fries. Who cares if it's winter, I am still making some burgers.

THURSDAY: Skillet-roasted chicken thighs, steamed broccoli and roasted potatoes.

FRIDAY: Church Christmas party. I signed up to make a soup. I haven't decided what to make. Chicken noodle? Red curry carrot? Ham, kale and white bean?

SATURDAY: Butternut squash soup and garlic crostinis for dipping. Do yourself a favor and spend the extra bucks to buy the squash already peeled and chopped. If you have to peel, gut and chop it, you are more likely to not make dinner at all.

SUNDAY: Braised shortribs with polenta and creamed horseradish and butterleaf salad with shaved fennel, oranges and pomegranates and some kind of dressing I haven't decided on. And a lemon cake with vanilla bean whipped cream. I have a dandy of time trying to find good shortribs, so I am sending Ethan to get me some from his fancy catering warehouse store in SLC.

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