Sunday, December 28, 2014

CHRISTMAS and DECEMBER (you care, I am sure you do)

What a month, eh? For us, it was wild. Our catering company is always bustling during December, which is of course very awesome. We did many a company holiday get together, like Boostability and Ikea Draper. We also did our largest event to date. 1200 people! Go Rockwell Catering! With our company having a busy month, that means Ethan is MIA for most of family life during December. People get all sad at me and say things like, "Oh how sad! He can't be there for all the fun holiday traditions!" and I says, "Oh it's fine. He's fine. We really like money."

Along the lines of money, we said goodbye to our little car of 11 1/2 years. Little Red. The car that we bought two months after we got married. The car that we brought babies home in from the hospital. The car that moved us from California to Utah. The car that hauled Jack to baseball practice, Van to preschool, Violet to singing group. Are you sensing a theme? I am overly sentimental about things that don't deserve it. Like a cherry red 2003 Hyundai Elantra that I have the VIN memorized to. FYI, KMHDN45D53U571109.

 Of course we took a selfie with our car before we sold her. Of course.

Anyways, we parted ways and bought a new car. And I will say this, I take back everything unkind, judgmental thing I ever said about minivans. Mine is black, has an automatic tailgate and a DVD player. It sounds more like a celebrity car than a kid hauler.

And then:
"Christmas came! It came just the same!"

Here is Christmas in small increments:
Waygu filets shipped to me on ice from my new brother in-law
5 sheet pans of peppermint bark for the neighbors
Scraping mountains of cream filling from Oreos for said bark
Anna and Elsa
Flemings for our Christmas Date
A decent citrus juicer from Sur La Table afterwards
A great Christmas program at church the Sunday before
Electric Razor scooter
Blueberry lemon muffins the morning of
Flippin' sweet Adidas D Rose shoes for Jack that nearly fit me
Amazing Sole Sundae. Get some. Seriously. 
Snow on Christmas morning! Joy! Rapture!
A spy kit for a boy who WILL spy on you
Call of Duty Legos that Dad enjoyed more than the boys
Peppermint shakes from Chick Fil A. You must!
Very old silver dollars from my dad
Creamy butternut squash soup straight from heaven
Palace Pets
Getting WAY BEHIND on work

And of course, a really teary viewing of "Mr. Kreuger's Christmas". Every time Jimmy Stewart visits Baby Jesus and says that he has always been there for him... Heaven help me. I don't last for a single second.


  1. Great entry! Your happiness shines brightly through it! It was a great way to start my day!

  2. I finally made your peppermint bark this year - then three friends demanded the recipe. It's great! I only found the Nabicso chocolate wafers at Harmons. I'm a stranger to you, but I have shared your cookbook with all my daughters, and often save your here'show recipes. Thanks for sharing your cooking life with us.

  3. And you colored your tips purple. Or was that in November? I think a picture is overdue.