Thursday, January 1, 2015

Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

Holy bananas, what a day. It's 8:09 and the house is quiet and clean and my kids are falling asleep. I texted my husband at work and said something to the effect of "the kids are jerks, they are going to bed at 8. Don't plan on playing video games with them when you get home." Except my real version included profanities. Big surprise there.

All was well until about 5:00pm. It's when Violet kept yelling Van's name like she was throwing up. "VAH-ANNNNN!" She has perfected the art of making Van a two-syllable name. Jack began huffing and puffing about not being able to sketch the flower vase very well and acted like he was freaking Picasso with a deadline. Like a real diva. And then Van was happily in the middle of all of this, just being a jerk.

Luckily, they ate dinner well. I used up the arugula in the fridge and made some pesto. Pasta with pesto and roast chicken and then some steamed green beans. All three cleaned their plates I felt peace and serenity for about 5 minutes. Then they were back to their old selves.

Today, I went grocery shopping and did the traditional January 1st shopping trip. You know the one. The one where you buy all sorts of vegetables and fruit and swear off treats forever. Well, that lasted real long because here I sit with the rest of my Haagen-Dazs chocolate peanut butter ice cream.

Well diary, I am now going to watch some mindless television, do some internet window shopping and then gear up for another day of probably the same thing as today.

Love, Whitney

p.s. No one really watches "Deadliest Catch", right?

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  1. You are so cute (and funny). It's real! Great to hear from you your recipes!