Friday, February 13, 2015

At the moment

At the moment:

My back is twitching up a storm. After way too many reverse flyes at the gym this morning, my back is pissed. And I didn't drink nearly enough water today and I think that is why it's pissed.

I am wearing the PERFECT long tee from Target. Today I bought it in blue and gray. I am going back for all the other colors tomorrow. It's soft, comfortable, long enough to cover my booty when I wear leggings and the neckline is just low enough for people to question whether I wear garments or not (Mormon undies) and judge me for it. My kind of tshirt.

I am also wearing my Grandma Sally's delicate gold and diamond engagement necklace. She gave it to me when I was probably 12 years old and told me not to tell my sisters so they wouldn't get jealous. And of course I told them.

The boys and Ethan are video gaming it up. And it's 11:00 pm. But it's also Friday night and we did our Saturday jobs this afternoon after school. So play video games because the house is clean and you guys get to sleep in.

The kitchen trash and recycling need to be taken out before I go to bed. This last week, I finally got us all settled to be environmentally responsible and recycle. And it is SHOCKING to see how much we used to just throw away. Like 3/4ths of our usual trash is now in the recycling bin in the pantry. We used to easily fill up our 13 gallon trash can in the kitchen everyday. Now we barely fill it at all. But I still take it out every night because HOUSE TIP: to get your house to not smell gross, take the trash out every night whether the bag is full or not. Be wasteful! Empty that nearly empty trashcan!

Hiding in my closet, there are little bags of chocolate tied with red and white ribbon for my three little Valentines. There are also three cute cards that are signed "Love, Dad and Mom", but let's be honest, Ethan had nothing to do with it. I carry on my mom's Valentines tradition of chocolates and a love note for my kids. It's nothing extravagant, just a little traditional V-Day lovin'. I also got Ethan a card that says "I love you more than bacon". Which is true love.

I am still laughing about Ethan's work story from today. He "chefs" for a local assisted living center when we don't have catering events. Tonight, while cleaning up the kitchen before leaving, he goes out in the hallway and what does he see? Some nice old confused lady wearing nothing but her Depends. Topless and diapered. Please let me die in a car accident or something else quick and dirty so I don't have to endure of Alzheimers.

I am always finding something to be bothered about or complain about. Currently, I am bothered about people posting about the service they do on social media. Like a selfie at the food bank with the caption, "Service on a Saturday morning! #goandserve #soblessed". I was always taught by my mom that if you tell people about the service you do, it makes it invalid. And whenever I see a post like that on Facebook or Instagram, I always think, "This service you speak of probably needs you to work harder and take less pictures."


  1. ha! You'll have to forgive me this year on insta bc the youth have some hashtag they are spsd to use when they serve for this year's theme. Or some jazz like that. Ask me how many times I had to tell the girls to put their phones away bc it was making the shelter uncomfortable :/ gah. next month I am making them give me their phones.

  2. whitney ... i adore you. #duhobvi ... you rock, carry on